Swimming Lessons

Private Lessons

20 Minutes



One on One Instruction; Kids will learn the basics of swimming, as they build confidence to swim independently to safety, we work with them to swim across the pool , float, dive and play safely. Typically kids can swim after 2-3 lessons; To swim confidently and safely the average family continues for 2-3 months with their instructor.
My trained instructors teach their own packages alongside me, and I typically guest teach for 1 of their 4 lessons to check on progress, fine tune their skills, and offer insight for activities in future lessons.
The highest level of swim in my program is Level 3, which means your child can pass a swim test which includes swimming 300 yds without breaks (any or all strokes), have a basic knowledge of proper technique for freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke. In order to pass, they must also be able to tread water for 2 minutes and dive for 8 toys(8ft) in under 2 minutes.



Waterbabies (4-16 mo)

30 Minutes


Mommy and me (or daddy) classes! Hop in the water with your instructor. We work on survival skills like safe areas in the pool, floating, holding our breath, and getting acclimated to pool environment. As a parent, you get a chance to spend some time with your child and teach them a life skill they’ll never forget!