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Teaching Schedule

Wednesday 4-5:30

Thursday 4-5:30

Friday 10-1p / 4-7p


Friday Level 3 Group 7:00-8:00p

Saturday Movie Night: 6:30-9p

Sunday Open Swim: 2:30-5p

Text Coach Britt for the group activities schedule, varies monthly and only 1 per month; must be a current/past student of coach Britt, there are level requirements for each activity

Private Lesson Registration

Below is your initial registration, after submitting this form, you will get a with your proposed lesson dates and to confirm there are no conflicts. Upon approval, you will get a bill for your lessons. Payment for your package is due at sign up. If unable to make payment at booking, please let coach Britt know at 727-520-6175.

Please specify availability if eager to get in! I will get with you soon! thank you for your patience. 


Coach Britt


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